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John R. Park Debate Society Hosts SLC Mayoral Primary Debate

The John R. Park Debate Society  again partnered with the ABU Education Fund, an affiliate of Alliance for a Better Utah, to host a primary debate between the eight candidates vying to move on to the general election to choose Salt Lake City's next mayor. The debate was held at the Salt Lake City Library on June 26, 2019. The following candidates participated in the debate: Jim Dabakis, Erin Mendenhall, Luz Escamilla, David Garbett, David Ibarra, Ranier Huck, Richard Goldberger, and Stan Penfold. The debate was live-streamed by KCPW.

To view the archival footage, visit: 

Josh Kanter, board chair and founder of the ABU Education Fund, made the following statement ahead of the planned debates:

“Robust political speech and debate is a key element of a well-functioning democracy. As more of our collective focus increasingly centers around presidential and national politics, the ABU Education Fund is committed to ensuring that our local and state politicians are provided a platform where their viewpoints can be heard and weighed by their constituents and we are excited to partner again with the prestigious John R. Park Debate Society of the University of Utah.”

Director of the John R. Park Debate Society, Michael Middleton, added:

“We are thrilled to again partner with the ABU Education Fund to host these debates. Not only do they provide an outstanding learning opportunity for the graduate and undergraduate students involved in their production, they also help to sustain the John R. Park Debate Society’s commitment to the role of open dialogue and debate as a cornerstone of democracy and informed political participation.”

For more information as it is available, visit the ABU Education Fund online.


Last Updated: 8/19/19