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Time for Revolution?: Debating the OCCUPY Movement


The John R. Park Debate Society (the University of Utah Forensics Team) is pleased to host folk singer, activist and protester David Rovics, as well as the acclaimed slam poetry team, Salt City Slam, in a symposium titled “Time for Revolution? Debating the OCCUPY Movement” focused on the controversy, merit and effectiveness of civil disobedience in light of the recent proliferation of Occupy protests around the country, including in Salt Lake City. The event details are as follows:
“Time for Revolution? Debating the OCCUPY Movement” presented by the John R. Park Debate Society
David Rovics, Salt Lake Slam Poetry, University of Utah Speech and Debate Team
Thursday, December 8, 2011 7:00- 9:30pm
Dumke Auditorium located in the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in the Marcia and John Price Museum Building at the University of Utah
Folk singer David Rovics has been called the “musical version of Democracy Now” by Amy Goodman and has been praised around the globe for his poignant and poetic lyrics. His most recent song titled, “Occupy Wall Street- We’re Going To Say Right Here” offers support and solidarity to Occupy Wall Street protesters around the world. To hear David Rovics’ music and learn about his activism, visit his website at www.
Salt City Slam is an active slam poetry team performing and competing throughout Utah and the nation. Their poetry covers a wide array of social and personal themes, including issues of liberty, corruption and revolution. Members of the team will be sharing original poetry centered around the theme of civil disobedience and political protests.
In addition, the University of Utah Forensics Team will be conducting a demonstration debate on the resolution, “Resolved: Civil disobedience is justified in response to institutional corruption.”
The event is free and open to the public.
For additional information, please contact Michael Middleton (; 801-581-6454) and visit the University of Utah Forensics website at Information about the event can be found under the “Public Events” link.
For video of the event, click here.
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