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"The Nuclear Question: A Public Debate hosted by Utah Forensics"


The University of Utah Forensics Team is pleased to announce our second public debate of the academic year. This semester we will focus our attention on the questions, controversies, and benefits surrounding Utah’s role as a major site for disposing of nuclear waste. Leading this conversation will be Tom Magette, a senior vice-president for Energy solutions; Chirstopher Thomas, policy director for HEAL Utah (Healthy Environment ALliance); Dr. Gary Sandquist, a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah; and Peter Jenkins, Chair of the Utah Radiation Control Board. This discussion will be moderated by former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson. This event promises to offer a broad range of perspectives, as well as the opportunity for guest speakers to address one another’s views and those of the audience. Additional details will be forthcoming. In the meantime, we invite you to join us at 7pm on April 13th. The event will be held in the Dumke Auditorium located in the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in the Marcia and John Price Museum Building at the University of Utah. We hope you will choose to attend and participate in the important conversation that impacts our local community in a number of significant ways.

For a complete video of the public debate, click here.

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Last Updated: 8/21/17