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John R. Park Debate Concludes Fall Season on a High Note; Wins 5 Events

The John R. Park Debate Society traveled to Walnut, California for the Pacific Southwest Collegiate Forensics Associaton Fall Championships to conclude its Fall 2018 competitive season. Among the team’s many accomplishments, students from Utah won all four debate events offered by the tournament, placed in finals in 7 individual events, and won the overall sweepstakes award for University participants. With these results, Utah competitors completed a fall season that included winning 7 debate tournaments across four fourmats of debate, placing over 3 dozen times in finals in individual events competition, hosted six election debates, and the largest (and season opening) high school tournament in Utah. The team will look to build on a strong fall season when spring competition begins with the Great Salt Lake Invitaitonal held at the University of Utah in January.


Overall Awards

1st Place - University Sweepstakes

Individual Event Awards

1st - Communication Analysis - Chris de Freitas
2nd - Extemporaneous Speaking - Shad Wojciechowski 
4th - Extemporaneous Speaking - Katie Workman
4th - After-Dinner Speaking - Shad Wojciechowski 
5th - Persuasive Speaking - Katie Workman
6th - Communication Analysis - Amanda Shepherd
7th - After-Dinner Speaking - Averie Vockel

Debate Awards

British Parliamentary Debate
1st place - British Parliamentary Debate - Rachel Carlson & Courtney Nilson
3rd place - British Parliamentary Debate - Aidan Guzman & Katie Workman
4th place - British Parliamentary Debate - Leo Doctorman & Vivian Lee

Top speaker - British Parliamentary Debate - Rachel Carlson
2nd speaker - British Parliamentary Debate - Courtney Nilson
3rd speaker - British Parliamentary Debate - Aidan Guzman

NPDA Debate
1st place (closeout) - NPDA Debate - Chris de Freitas & Ashton poindexter
1st place (closeout) - NPDA Debate - Averie Vockel & Shad Wojciechowski
Octofinalists - NPDA Debate - Grace Osusky & Ben Jensen
Octofinalists - NPDA Debate - Amanda Shepherd & Gabriela Rodriguez (Rio Hondo College)

Top speaker - NPDA Debate - Shad Wojciechowski
6th speaker - NPDA Debate - Chris de Freitas 
9th speaker - NPDA Debate - Amanda Shepherd

IPDA Debate
Gold Medal – IPDA Debate - Shad Wojciechowski
Gold Medal – IPDA Debate - Grace Osusky
Gold Medal – IPDA Debate - Ben Jensen
Bronze Medal – IPDA Debate - Courtney Nilson

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Gold Medal – Lincoln-Douglas Debate - Rachel Joy Carlson
Gold Medal – Lincoln-Douglas Debate - Christopher de Freitas
Silver Medal – Lincoln-Douglas Debate - Aidan Guzman-Newton


Last Updated: 12/4/18