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John R. Park Debate Society Takes Top Honors in San Diego

The John R. Park Debate Society traveled to San Diego, California on February 7-10, 2020 to participate in the Sunset Cliffs Classic at Pt. Loma University. At the tournament, the team faced competition from over 25 colleges and universities, including the University of Southern California, UCLA, and San Diego State University. The John R. Park Debate Society finished the tournament with 10 final round placings in individual events, a closeout (top two teams) in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, and finalists and top speakers in British Parliamentary Debate. In addition, Debate Society coach and Department of Communication graduate student, Euni Kim, was recognized as the top ajudicator in the British Parliamentary Debate competition as determined by the field of competitors. The team will look to continue to lay a strong foundation for its national and international championship tournaments at the WSCA Invitational in Denver, CO on Feb. 20-24, 2020. 


Overall Awards

1st Place - Tournament Sweepstakes 

2nd Place – Individual Events Sweepstakes – Ryan Knippel

Debate Awards

1st Place (closeout) – Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Chris de Freitas
1st Place (closeout) – Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Ashton Poindexter
1st Speaker - British Parliamentary Debate – Katie Workman
2nd Place - British Parliamentary Debate – Jared Lange & Katie Workman
4th Speaker – British Parliamentary Debate – Jared Lange

Individual Event Awards

1st Place - Dramatic Interpretation – Ryan Knippel
2nd Place - Communication Analysis – Billy Finlay
3rd Place - Extemporaneous Speaking – Ryan Knippel
3rd Place - Poetry Interpretation - Vivian Lee
3rd Place - Prose Interpretation - Zac Ray
4th Place - Dramatic Interpretation - Zac Ray
4th Place - Persuasive Speaking – Billy Finlay
4th Place - Programmed Oral Interpretation - Vivian Lee
5th Place - Informative Speaking – Ryan Knippel
6th Place - Informative Speaking – Billy Finlay


Last Updated: 2/10/20